About Al

Al Figone is a  former university professor and currently resides in Folsom, CA with his wife, Jenifer. He also writes and publishes books and articles specifically related to the corruption in big-time commercialized aspects of college football and basketball and is available to speak on the above topic to any organization. His most recent book titled: Gambling Scandals in College Football and Basketball is now available in online bookstores.

Al has taught in the field of Kinesiology (the study of human movement) specializing in the study of the historical, sociological, and psychological aspects of human movement. From a practical perspective, Al’s subfields of study can be utilized to better understand how selected aspects of behavior affect sport and exercise performance, the manner in which selected social environments influence sport and exercise participation, and to better understand the relationship of historical events to the development of sport and physical activity in the United States.

Figone’s primary interest in sport history involves researching and writing about the relationship of corruption in commercialized college football and basketball programs and the manner in which this nexus has created problems in the two sports such as: fixing of games, players betting on various sports including games in which they are playing, and billions that are bet illegally on college football and basketball games annually that benefit bookies and gamblers (i.e. 97% of the money wagered on college sports is through illegal sources). Al has also taught a number of courses that involve the learning of American history via the study of sport history.

Figone has also extensively coached, studied, researched, and published books, articles, and spoken on the mental aspects of enhancing baseball performance at all levels of the game. His most recent book titled: See More and Talk Less: Applying the Mental Aspects of Baseball: A Coach and Players’ Guide is now available in online bookstores. He’s available to speak at coaching clinics at all levels of baseball and individually mentor players in the technical and mental aspects of the game implementing state-the-art video analysis.

The book’s focus is on the practical application of selected mental processes to implement in conjunction with skills such as: Bunting and Hitting, Base Running, Base Stealing, Team Offense, Catching, Pitching, Infield and Outfield Play, and the use of video analysis to enhance the mental skills to enhance performance. The book will include various spreadsheet charts that can be completed during a game providing results immediately available to coaches and players following a game. The charts’ results will provide assessments of individual performance in hitting, bunting, base running and base stealing, and individual defensive categories such as: outfield play, catching, pitching, and the other seven defensive positions. An offensive rating scale will yield one number based on evaluating several categories that illustrates which players are most productive as team players in comparison to one statistic like a batting average. Team play wins games, not individual statistics.

Currently, Al is researching and writing about the manner in which big-time commercialized college football and basketball provide a lucrative underground economy for illegal gambling. In essence, the athletes in the two above sports are playing for the gambling industry. The book is expected to be completed by December, 2013.